About Me

For more than ten years I have been researching, writing about and talking about Georgian dances and dancing. I am particularly interested in the dancing done in my home city of Bath and the role it played in Bath's unique Georgian culture.

I am particularly fascinated by the Bath Assemblies and the various Assembly Rooms of the period

I am always happy to share information with people who share my interests.


  1. I was very interested to find your blog as I am trying to research my great-great-great grandfather who was listed as a Dancing Master of Kingsmead, Bath in 1816. His name was George Edward Turner and his wife was Mary Turner and his son, my great-great grandfather was George Edward Taplin(g) Turner. At the time of G.E.T. Turner’s birth in 1814 he was stated to be a musician.
    I believe (though I could be wrong) that George Edward Turner was born in Leicestershire in 1782/3 and came to Bath, via London sometime between 1796-1800 and may have travelled between the 2 places. By the 1841census, George is a musical instrument maker with a second family, living in Portugal Street and his son G.E.T Turner is also a musical instrument maker.
    George Edward seems not to have flourished in his dancing and musical career….. he may even be the young failed actor “Mr Turner” who was mentioned as performing in London, Manchester and Bath in the late 1790’s and early 1800’s and who was described as giving a woeful performance of Macbeth for his debut (I have no evidence of him starting as a actor but it could follow that he tried a number of performing arts in his quest for fame!).
    If you have come across any mentions of a Mr Turner as either Dancing Master and/or Musician in Bath in my period of interest 1796-1827 or if you can tell me what was going on in the Kingsmead area where he lived, I would be really grateful.
    Val Hannington

    1. Cannot find any references to Turner as either a musician or Dancing master. There is a G Turner who worked as a Taylor and Draper in various locations but not Kingsmead. There is a Mr Turner living in Kingsmead terrace in 1800 but no profession is given. There were a number of private schools in the Kingsmead area at this time and he may have been attached to one of those in some capacity. They all included dancing on the curriculum.

  2. Two things--first, I wonder if you're familiar with my book, *The Playford Assembly*, which I think you would enjoy. Folksales sells it in the UK. Second, I'm curious about "Twenty-Four Dances for the year 1738 with proper tunes Figures or Directions for each Dance," pub. Cook--it's not a resource I've seen. Is it held in a library? is it online somewhere? is it your own?